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7 tips to know before your first photoshoot

Here we discuss some vital tips you need to know before your first photo session.

1) Talk to the photographer before the shoot

Yes, we know that talk is cheap, but texting and emailing is much cheaper. Call your prospective photographer and have a chat. Initial chemistry is extremely important. You want to make sure the vibes are there. If not, that lack of chemistry will definitely show in the photo.

2) Clothing

The general rule of thumb is avoid distracting patterns and logos. Pure white tends to steal your attention away since it appears very bright on film. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Above all, wear clothes that represent you or the characters you might be playing.

3) Light Make-Up

Again, the point is we’re taking a shot of YOU, the everyday version of you. There is no point in getting glammed up. Keep the layers light and airy. Plain and simple.

4) Stick out your chin!

This instantly leans you out. It defines your jawline, and avoids that double chin look, which nobody wants!

5) Think of a juicy secret!

Imagine you just landed the gig of a lifetime, yet you’re not allowed to tell a soul for at least a few days. During that time, imagine the euphoria and confidence you would be feeling. That smirk, the one that is desperately trying to keep your joy reclusive, is what you should be bringing to the camera for each and every shot!

6) Be yourself!

This is obvious. Authenticity is what sells the most. If you show up to an audition and the person present doesn’t match the person photographed, FUHGETTABOUTIT!

7) Easy on the touch-ups!

Again authenticity is key. Too many headshots exist where skin looks too smooth. Casting directors can recognize this immediately. The key is a subtle approach as always. Here is a great before/after example:

Written by Sasha L. Shemirani.